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Misto Bank

The Market Situation

Experiencing difficulties with external financing, Ukrainian banking sector is interested in attracting deposits from individuals. In the market there is a high level of competition. 176 organizations offer their services. According to the Association of Ukrainian Banks as of April 2013, Misto Bank ranked 16th in financial results and 70th in the sum of depository portfolio.

The Brand's Objective

Attracting individual deposits. Enhancing the image of a reliable partner of depositors.

The Agency's Objective

Conveying the information about the bank's products to customers. Making the message stand out against the competitors.

Communicative Solution

Achieving a double effect without increasing costs, the agency resorted to forming an image with a focus on product advertising. The message, on the one hand, defined the 'character' of the bank, and on the other hand, contained information which was relevant to consumers. TV was selected as a channel of communication.


Because of significant investments, full-fledged advertising campaigns on TV are accessible, as a rule, only to the market leaders. When the campaign started, 13 banks were being promoted in the category of 'deposits of individuals', including 3 leaders with the volume of activity of more than 500 GRP, which significantly increased the level of required expenses.

Media Solution

Given the current media indicators, a strategy of exclusion from competitors was applied and a free niche was found.


After a month of the campaign the bank reached the 4th place in the category without exceeding planned investments. The customer decided to continue the campaign.

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Spizhenko Cyber Clinic

Spizhenko Cyber Clinic was contracted based on a tender.

We took into account peculiarities of the business of health services, as this is not our first experience in this field (Medikom, AILAS, CMD, etc.).

In the absence of large investments, it was decided to place the advertising campaign in regional blocs of leading TV channels. When selecting regions of broadcast their economic feasibility was taken into account.

To optimize the value of target contacts a combination of placement on TV channels with maximum coverage and niche channels with high presence of the target audience of the client was used.

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Renaissance Credit

The market Situation

In November 2010, Renaissance Credit was 21st in the ranking on financial results* and 99th in the amount of loan and investment portfolio. The bank's management decided to use television as the primary means of promotion.

Brand's Objective

Providing an increase in sales of consumer loans.

Agency's Objective

Conveying information about the bank's services to the Ukrainians with income below average, providing the largest share of votes in the 'Loans' category.

Communicative Solution

For the new advertising campaign a 15" clip was created based on 3D graphics, which in the simplest way explained to consumers the advantages of the product.


When the campaign started, 5 leaders of the market were promoting their services in the 'Loans' category.

Media Solution

It was proposed to conduct the campaign on geographical markets with a high degree of return on investments. In the regions designated by the client as the most effective, the channels with the highest level of coverage were selected. The spot approach allowed getting ahead of such serious players as Privatbank, VTB Bank, Piraeus Bank, Swedbank by over two times and reaching an undisputed leadership in the share of votes.


Over the period from 15.11.2010 to 01.07.2011 we ran 3 flights of advertising on TV, which resulted in the 87th place in the volume of loan portfolio, the 16th place in financial performance,* as well as the purchase of Renaissance Credit by SCM Group.

*According to the Association of Ukrainian Banks
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Many of our clients are number one in their product category. Zarina TM is the first in Ukraine in jewelry sales

Our cooperation in the field of media promotion with Zarina brand lasts over 4 years

The strategy is regularly updated based on market indicators and analysis of activity of the main competitors of the brand

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