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Each product is accompanied by a great myth... Each company has a character, which it turns into a legend... They just need to be presented in a right way

We started in 2004 and have been in the advertising business ever since. We will make sure they will hear about you, they will talk about you and, most importantly, they will believe you!

Advertising Agency. VBA Group Ukraine


When creating advertising it is important to have a set of tools:

  • Strong creative team
  • Full scope of industrial data
  • Proprietary techniques of calculating efficiency
  • Exclusive terms of working with the media
  • Measurable results!
Advertising Company. VBA Group Ukraine


Before you start looking for the bright idea, you need to ask yourself:

  • Whom is the message addressed to?
  • What do the competitors promise them?
  • What can we promise them?
  • What will they remember in the end?

When we have the answers, we come up with the right message and the visual image that best supports it

Creative Agency. VBA Group Ukraine


To ensure maximum advertising exposure, we examine the position of our customers in the market, identify the nuances of consumer behavior and closely acquaint ourselves with the actions of the competitors.

The result is a comprehensive message delivered via channels, each contributing to the consumer's decision to purchase.

Strategic and media planning. VBA Group Ukraine


Due to the volumes of our campaigns, the prices we offer are lower than those of the immediate carriers.

A thorough understanding of the industrial data allows us to seek the return on every dollar invested.

Media buying. VBA Group Ukraine

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