TV Advertising

Due to the significance of investments, advertising on TV is not possible without understanding the industry specifics

The efficiency of TV advertising depends on the number of covered markets, level of coverage, frequency, timing of a clip and campaign's duration. An important factor is the activity of competitors and the correlation of the strategy with their actions

The price of advertising is conditioned by the policy of airtime sales houses. The structure of the market implies additional discounts at signing an exclusive contract with one of the sellers. A combination of various buying packages reduces the price efficiency by some 30 percent

When planning your advertising costs, confidentiality is an issue. It is clear that the media representatives, knowing the advertiser's willingness to pay $ 500 per placement, are unlikely to offer their services for $ 450

Companies, who use the services of advertising agencies, lay on the agency the responsibility for analyzing the price situation on the market, planning advertising campaigns and negotiations associated with the purchase of airtime

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